It's a Baby's World

This weekend was a very special one: I got to help out my brother and my stunning sister-in-law prepare their nursery for their impending welcoming of their little baby boy. Due in about a month or so, they had done so much of the work already! They had purchased the crib (an amazing find on Orlando's Cragslist!), picked up the rug and the posters! And all we had to do, was paint, put together the furniture and be done! 


Things are never as easy as they seem! We managed to get a lot done for a two-day effort. Some of the funnier obstacles though included: having to put together and pull apart not one, but two pieces of furniture twice! (IKEA, you and I have a love-hate relationship...), installing a variety of frames to hang at the exact same height (IKEA, not to nag, but you know what I'm talking about), breaking screwdrivers, running short on paint... yet, despite all these obstacles, I laughed so hard throughout the entire project! Nothing compares to being surrounded by people you love. Thank you, Stefan and Jessica, for letting me help out with creating the first home of your firstborn!!



Posted on October 20, 2013 and filed under Design + DIY.