Happy Nameday!

What is a Nameday you ask?

Well, I hail from a country in the Southeastern part of Europe called Bulgaria. And in Bulgaria, everyone (well, almost, I will explain later) has a Nameday. And Namedays are kind of a big deal. Your Nameday happens to be on the same day the saint you are named after is celebrated. So, for instance, my name Katya celebrates on Saint Katherine's day (November 24th). Now, why do some people not have a Nameday? Even though it's rare, some people are not named after a particular saint and hence end up missing out on a pile of presents and a ton of fun.

And speaking of presents and fun, above, you are seeing my Nameday gift to myself: a new shelving unit! Since I started Kaya, I have been gathering some inventory that was crowding my very small office nook (see evidence on left). And even though I will spend some more time talking about converting the nook into an office later on, for now, I will say that it is small and it does not house much aside from my laptop. So, I was in dire need of some storage space. I spent weeks researching an option that looks fine, works better and does not break the bank. 

IKEA didn't cut it, and neither did any of the larger retailers, such as The Container Store or Target. IKEA's units were too deep and the other retailers were just out of my price range. One Saturday night, on a whim, I decided to stop by the Home Depot (who could wish for a better date?). And, less than $85 and one hour of work later, tad-aah! I had myself a nice functional shelf. It did not take any drilling: the entire project was done with a hammer and a screwdriver. I did pick one upgrade to the otherwise "out-of-the-box" shelving unit: I picked up solid pine shelves instead of the usual particle board in order for me to keep them longer and maybe stain them later! Cheers to frugality and happiness all in one! 


Posted on November 24, 2013 and filed under Design + DIY.