Secret City

Pictured Above

1. A corner between two studios with a cute robot mural peaking out

2. A door to one of the studios (so curious to see what's behind!)

3. A confusing (but so cool!) M/W sign on a door leading to nowhere specific (actually, since I posted this, I have found out it leads to no other place than the restroom... indeed, that is somewhere VERY specific, shame on me!)

4-5. A few of the paintings featured in the main showroom 

A Night at the Art Gallery

This Saturday I attended the Secret City event organized by JoMar Visions. If you have never been to this gem of a gallery, I would highly recommend attending one of their upcoming events! In addition to displaying great local artists and providing studios for them to work in, the gallery is famed for its eclectic environment and deconstructed industrial feel (which is exactly why a great friend of mine will have her upcoming wedding there!) 

About the Secret City

This particular event was a tribute to Mark Kistler and his TV show "Secret City". The artists featured on Saturday included Arianne Venable, Aziz Anzabi, Alexa Aldana, Elizabeth Arlington, Ernest Lizcano, Frieda Henson, Gilbert Ruiz, Iwona Jankowski, Joana Esteves, Jim Adams, Marie E. Casamayor, Mark Roden, Raymond Dunlap, Sarah Cloutier, and Scott Altruiste Cravens. I especially loved Mark Roden's abstracts (some of which I featured below!). 

Posted on January 20, 2014 and filed under Travel Diaries.