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Books | The Best ROI for Entertainment

My opinion on return on investment for books stems from the simple fact that $9 - $15 spent on a book provides for countless hours of entertainment (especially if you are a slow reader like myself!). I also find myself quite greedy when it comes to things I want to read... which usually lands me in a situation like this: having five books on my nightstand at once. So what am I reading now? 

Iron Curtain, the Crushing of Eastern Europe

Sounds heavy and it is a heavy read indeed. This special read sparked my interest because of the recent developments in Ukraine. It takes a look at the political developments after World War II in Eastern Europe and how those have a very tangible effect on the current political and sociological developments in the region. The best schooling on cause and effect... history.

Business Adventures

Part of Bill Gates' must reads, the book takes a look at a few very relevant stories of success and failures on Wall Street from the past century and reinforces the cyclical nature of the business (all the stories sound eerily similar to developments as recent as 2008!).  

Big Girls Don't Cry

My latest addition (that I have yet to start) takes a look at how women's life choices and options have taken a drastic turn in the past 6-8 years. I look forward to (hopefully) confirming that my struggles and existential questions are not unique to just me!

Gone Girl

The only fiction book on my list, I picked this read because of its rave reviews and because I would rather walk into a movie based on a book after reading the book (deep motivation, indeed!). It is also the book that is taking up most of my attention because it is such an easy and engaging read... 

Epic Content Marketing

The one work-related book on my list is also one of the most engaging ones. It takes a look at how the marketing function for companies has slowly evolved to being ran like a publication. It proposes that generating engaging and editorial content delivers invaluable information to clients thus creating a trusting relationship traditional marketing channels could never accomplish... Quite the inspiration for my main project in the past few months... about which I hope you will hear about very soon!

Happy Sunday!

Posted on October 5, 2014 .