Travel Diaries | Manatees!!

1,000 lbs of Adorableness 

I find manatees fascinating! Not too long ago, I came across this article about swimming with manatees in Mexico (which is still on top of my list of things to do!) And until I get to do that, I am perfectly happy with watching them play (and they are surprisingly playful!) from afar. The day we went to Blue Springs State Park, there were 341 manatees in the water! By far, the most manatees I have ever seen at once.

Fun fact about filming manatees? As cool as slow-motion video may sound (thank you, Apple for that), it is completely unnecessary in this case. Playing in the water for these guys happens in a rather natural slow motion. I smartly and rather not-so-quickly realized that by filming these guys in what resulted in some veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery sloooooooow motion. Maybe I will share that masterpiece someday... who knows!

Since I was only able to take pictures from above, here is an image of what manatees look like in full frontal (I snapped this guy back in March when I was at the Dallas Aquarium). 

The best part? I got to experience the park with my 13-month old nephew who was more than happy to not pay ANY attention to the manatees but rather find all and any small objects along the walking trail far more fascinating! 

Life is so good! Happy almost-Holidays everyone!

Posted on December 19, 2014 and filed under Travel Diaries.