Travel Diaries | Having Fun with Packing

And You Say... "What?"

Who has fun packing, right? Well, I travel quite a lot for work and I have finally conquered the dread of getting ready by finding joy in the never-ending struggle to fit it all in my carry-on. And if you think about it, the challenge can be so much fun. 

Pictured above is what I will actually be bringing to an upcoming trip to Dallas. I tend to keep it simple and have everything in the same color combination so that I can recycle the shoes, pants and jacket. Three different outfits, eleven articles altogether! 

And given how much fun I had putting these outfits together and taking their pictures, I would not be surprised if I kept doing it for all my upcoming trips! Like I said, fun indeed!

Posted on March 4, 2014 and filed under Travel Diaries.