Spicing Up a Dull Office | A Succulent Garden

The Joys of Decorating a Corporate Office

The last few months have been a true roller coaster for my life, from the closing of some old chapters to the opening of whole new books. As part of these exciting new developments, I happened to acquire a new job and an office with a window to go with it (for the first time in my career!).

And as it usually happens with me, I have completely immersed myself into this new challenge which would sometimes result in my staying in the office for a good 12 hours at a time. And as great as my company has been to provide me with good office furniture, it just doesn't quite feel like home yet. So I wondered if maybe other people are also struggling with making their work space their own while complying with their office requirements of uniformity.

This thought inspired me to start taking small steps on decorating my own office and sharing those with you. My first stab at it? Making my own succulent garden. My office is very well lit with an abundance of natural light and I believe these would fare very well there. I grabbed the glass containers from my local Marshall's for a mere $18 in total. I also acquired most of my plants from my own garden of succulents. I did end up purchasing the air plants (which are the perfect solution for an office - so little maintenance!) for a total of $28 for the project! 

My plan for the rest of my office includes:

  • Create a DIY art installation
  • Purchase additional lighting
  • Source fun office accessories
  • Display pictures of people, things, and places I love

Let the fun begin!

Posted on June 8, 2014 and filed under Design + DIY.