How to Make the Everyday a Special Day

My favorite thing to do at the grocery store (in addition to loading up on berries and crackers) is "picking" flowers... The varied shapes, sizes, colors and textures are simply mesmerizing and this quickly turns into an art project every time. You have seen a few of my experiments so far (winter and fall in a vase). But today's results must be my favorite. 

I picked up some white hydrangeas, a few striking blue irises, and a bunch of eucalyptus. I thought these made a neat combination and they all surely photographed well! While I was at it (spending money on things I don't really need but definitely want), I also found this orchid... The aroma in combination with its intricate flowers was the little push I needed to pull the trigger and make home feel fresh and sunny again. A great way to end the dreary three weeks of grey skies and damp weather! 

Posted on January 18, 2015 and filed under Be Inspired.