I Can't Believe it Took me This Long! The Menil Collection.

I hadn't even heard of the Menil Collection until I randomly stumbled upon their Facebook page a few months ago (apparently, Houstonians are good at keeping secrets...!). Immediately, I promised myself I'd visit the first sunny weekend I get. Fast-forward a few sunny weekends (life has a way of keeping you busy) and I finally made it this Sunday!

What a treat! The Menil Collection has just enough of the art I love to make me want to go back again and again with its manageable and walkable scale. Some of my very favorite artists' works have a permanent home there: Van Gogh, Picasso, Rothko (Rothko!!), Matisse, Warhol, Pollock, Cezanne - it felt like I was back in my Art History classes but without the looming final exams. Or, in other words, my experience today was pure and uninhibited joy.

One of my highlights included seeing a Rothko painting for the first time in person. In college, I became fascinated with his paintings even if that fascination was based on the printed versions from my books. I found Rothko's skill with color and texture mesmerizing. From my studies, I also knew his artworks to be rather large. In real life, however, they are actually rather HUGE! My dream of owning a Rothko painting will very likely be prohibited by the lack of wall space in my house... I guess a house upgrade will have to precede (but, needless to say, if I can afford a Rothko, I should be easily able to afford the wall space necessary). 

Another highlight of my day was enjoying the MOST AMAZING MEAL EVER at the Menil Bistro (yup, it was THAT good!). After a long day of running, cleaning, walking and grocery shopping, I needed a treat. When you're that desperate, "A table for one" doesn't seem nearly as scary anymore. I would even dare call it empowering! While I was at it, I also ordered a glass of wine. Because... why not? I was willing (ahem, determined) to treat all my senses to the fullest. My order? Wild mushroom and truffle oil pizza with a glass of chardonnay. That, combined with a surrounding that matches my taste to a fault, and you get what my ideal wind-down day looks, feels and tastes like. Pure perfection.

Now, I am ready for action. Monday, are you here yet?

Posted on April 26, 2015 and filed under Be Inspired.