Okay, Pinterest, you win: Peonies, peonies, peonies!


Peonies are everywhere on Pinterest, including my boards. And as with many other Pinterest fads, I tried to resist getting on this bandwagon for a little while (also because they are insanely expensive: $12.99 for a few stems... really? I bet all these pinners are flower-poor). 

But, I have to say, peonies make quite a splash at home (and they photograph rather nicely). And, as always, Trader Joe's came to the rescue with the $6.99 for 5 stems price tag which does not bust my grocery budget. What I like about these guys? First, they smell divinely (even though not all colors did so I made sure I smelled each bunch before buying it). Second, if you buy them while they are still buds, they last a very long time (mine are at a week now and they still look as fresh as ever). Third, they are insanely easy to make look great (I just added some eucalyptus - my go-to greenery - and they looked as if I labored over them for hours).

Verdict? I think I like peonies. A lot. 

PS: Thanks to a good 8" - 11" of rain, Houston has been under water this past week. This, in turn, brought some interesting creatures out from lurking in the water. Here's what I found in my yard (not at all 6 feet long but still super cool!):

Hoping everyone stayed as dry as possible and safe! Other than our casually leaking windows, I have to report Chew, Rebel and myself were spared from any damage. Here's to hoping for an upcoming week marked by dry skies and just regular 98% Houston humidity.  

Posted on May 30, 2015 and filed under Be Inspired.