Home: Where Old and New Live Happily Ever After

When you love something, every time you come back to it, it feels like you never left and you find something new to love about it... And my hometown Plovdiv has been undergoing a sort of Renaissance in the past few years which makes it even more interesting to visit: old ruins learning new tricks, playful modern novelties throughout, and art and culture beaming at every corner. What I love the most about Plovdiv though is how all of these seemingly contradicting things about it live so easily together.

So, here is a quick look at the old (Plovdiv's Roman stadium that housed more than 30,000 spectators; Plovdiv's Roman amphitheater which is still a home to nightly performances and houses a good 5,000 people; the main cathedral; Plovdiv's City Hall; the Main Street; and sights from the Old Town from the 19th century):

And here's a look at some of the new the city has to offer (a sign celebrating Plovdiv's selection to be European culture capital for 2019; some gorgeous murals I came across and a look at the lovely decor of a restaurant I visited):

Happy Sunday! 

Posted on June 28, 2015 and filed under Travel Diaries.