Check, check.... is this thing working?

Well, out of the very, very, very few things I love and I'd never want to forget, I managed to leave behind my most precious one: my camera (my precioussssss...). Yup, I have been camera-less for the past week and it has been uncomfortable (which begs the question... addicted much?). I never thought I'd feel this handicapped without it. And it's not as if I forgot it somewhere I can never retrieve it from... It's sitting pretty and safely at my brother's house. Well, I guess I should reconsider safely - it is, after all, within the reach of an 18-month old whose fascination with any and every button could mean the death of my beloved Olympus... 

So without my go-to tool for fun blog posts, what was I to do? Stop writing (a rather depressing thought), blackmail said brother into shipping said camera overnight (unlikely, knowing my brother's loving propensity for procrastination :), or find another source of original images (hello, iPhone camera, long time no see...)? Least amount of drama and most opportunity for fun clearly points to the only viable option of the three: number 1. So with that said... it's time to say goodbye, dear reader (insert Andrea Bocelli's lovely but sad voice). 

Just kidding. You did not buy that, did you? 

Not only am I quite happy to show you my all-time favorite iPhone snaps, but I also just bought myself a brand-spanking-new camera. Life is too short not to document (or splurge)! 

A few things I am noticing about my mad iPhone camera skills:

  • I can't seem to understand this hypothetical concept of horizontals... Do you see a single horizontal here? I don't either, it's okay.
  • Thank goodness for Instagram... their filters can save (almost) any shot.
  • Speaking of filters, I clearly have a thing for the tilt shift option. 
  • More on filters... sometimes, they are not necessary (AT ALL) but that requires investing into some awesome travel locations:

If you are wondering what all of those images are (because, you know, why wouldn't you...), here is a quick recap:

  • Letter K = Krafstman Baking in the Houston Heights = great lattes. 
  • Forbidden City, Beijing, China = enough said... just stunning. 
  • Popov BMW X5 M Series = #lifegoals
  • Heart in Mug = random heart in my coffee... I think it must mean something.
  • Graffiti = Plovdiv's graffiti culture is giving Banksy a run for his money. 
  • Cool chimney = no clue what that was... sorry.
  • Bug = I hate bugs but this one seemed too cool not to take a picture of. 
  • Pretty sunset from the plane = #feltsosmall 
  • Even prettier sunset from the beach = our little planet is so beautiful. 

Thanks for sticking around in this difficult time (ahem, quiet blog time). The truth is, I can probably manage quite alright without my beloved camera and with just a phone - it works, right? But why would I? After all, my new and amazing Olympus PEN E-PL7 is (thanks to Prime) a mere two days away from coming home! Addiction satisfied...   

Posted on July 11, 2015 and filed under Be Inspired.