The Apple Watch...

If you have addictive tendencies, here is my advice. Do not buy the Apple Watch. If, however, you are confident you can resist developing dependencies on technology, then by all means, keep on reading. Because this review or, rather, review-pretend (I am not really in the business of reviews) is more than raving. Why? A few reasons...

1. It truly is the best workout gadget you can get: I used to own a Motoactv (or, as my friends would call it, a wrist laptop/upper body workout gear) and it did everything I needed it to do: it tracked my pace, time and distance for my runs, it played my music, it could even act as a heart rate monitor if you invested in the add-on's. But it died... Fast. And it also got discontinued (perhaps because it would die so fast?). The Apple Watch was the first thing on the market that was able to fully replace my old device's varied functionality while also doing so much more (and being so much smaller, and so much nicer looking)...

2. Speaking of, it really does look great... Granted, I quickly invested in a good leather band (for dressier occasions) that does not cost an arm and a leg ($250 for a tiny strap of leather... really, Apple?). Instead, try this. Just as good, at 10% of the price. I am actually tempted to acquire a few other colors while at it. Red and blue are my next purchases.   

3. It allows you to stay connected, without the appearance of being a socially inept jerk:  I quickly found out that I don't need my phone on me or in my pocket all the time (or hardly ever). Which makes mom very happy (because I have effectively removed those "pesky" wireless waves (if you discount bluetooth) away from my head). But the added bonus is that I no longer have to be one of those who take their phone out and leave it on the table while glancing at every incoming e-mail (talking to you, dear friend who shall not be named).  

4. NO MORE CORDS!! Thanks to these amazing headphones! To be fair, it took a few fails of other brands until I arrived at these. Which made for a few difficult runs as my music would die on me on several occasions at mile marker .75 with nothing but my non-steady breathing to pace me (and I do have my heart beat logged for proof). But these guys are just the perfect fit and performance for my sweat-intensive summer workouts :). 

5. Last but not least, it is a great conversation starter. It would appear that the watch is still quite the novelty and people love asking me about it (which also prompted me writing this - I hate sounding unprepared and now I have all my reasons for loving it neatly listed out!). 

In a nutshell, I am very happy with my Apple Watch. And, as any kind and loving technology would do, the watch is now telling me it's time to stand up (since I have been sitting down for more than an hour) and wrap things up. Yup, I now have an official digital mom! What's not to love about that?

Have a wonderful week, everybody! 

Posted on August 24, 2015 and filed under Be Inspired.