Summer Snacks / Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Sandwich

Despite my efforts to ignore it, summer is in full swing in Houston. But the discomfort of excruciatingly high temperatures (hello, 100 degrees!) and soaking humidity shall not bring my spirits down. Why? Because it's fig season! And you may be thinking... hm?

See,  some of my fondest memories from childhood involve picking (possibly/borderline stealing) figs from my grandmother's fig trees for hours upon hours (or rather until there is not a single fig left on the trees). Did I mention I wouldn't even let them ripen? Ah, yes, my impatience has been known since then.

And imagine my delight when I realized that there is a similar "free" fig resource in my very own neighborhood! How can one not be inspired to look up easy fig snack recipes? So I figured I'd share one of my latest trials. And I have to say, the results are delicious! You won't need much to make this sandwich happen: country bread bowl, goat chèvre cheese, prosciutto, a few sliced figs and a touch of rosemary. Truly, delicious. Make sure to try it out!

Posted on July 18, 2015 and filed under Test Kitchen.