Two quick updates... then back to GOT

It has been a while since my last post which is not to say I have not been busy. So I figured I'd share a quick update on the things that have kept me away from writing.


Remember when I added string lights? Well, their awesomeness made the rest of the patio seem rather drab and sort of creepy. So I got to work. See, when I did the big patio renovation 5 years ago, I installed some in-ground lights when everything was still in shambles. They were epic. And then I started losing them, one by one. Maybe it was the passing of time, the never-stopping water, the pesky ants, who knows... but those guys were clearly not meant to last.  Or so I thought...!

Ta-daah! A few new light bulbs, rearranging of the wires and one replaced unit later, my dark corner of the patio is now one glorious well-lit garden!

MEANWHILE... on the inside...

I was finally able to carve enough time to clean out my second bedroom/office. I joke you not, 7 large bags of donations later, I was left with one perfectly furnished room. Which begs the question... how did I accumulate 7 bags worth of donations? We do not need more space, ladies and gentlemen, we just need less stuff (one of my favorite TED talks, by the way). 

So these are my two quick updates... I do promise I am working on a few (real) posts for you though! Until then... happy Sunday! And now, back to Game of Thrones :). 

Posted on May 1, 2016 and filed under Design + DIY.