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I hate bugs...

But not these kinds of bugs!

Have you been to the Cockrell Butterfly Center? Ah, it's an awesome place to visit. Especially if you don't mind big hair (hello, humidity) and random butterflies landing on you (if you are wearing perfume).  Though the main appeal to this mini rainforest is the presence of hundreds and hundreds of butterflies. Which makes chasing them to photograph them a far easier experience than in the wild.. Check it out:

What butterflies did I spot? Plenty of rice paper butterflies, swallowtails, owl butterflies and a bunch of other species not listed on their website.

Oh, and this guy here... a GREEN iguana...

Right, he is not green.. Well, as it turns out, this 16-year-old guy is apparently ready to mate and therefore rather... orange. 

To close this adventure out, I was dared to eat a bug. For anyone who knows me, that is one BIG dare. I did title this blog post "I hate bugs" after all...

And surprisingly, I have to admit that they are rather tasty. Especially when spiced with bacon and cheese... You call this cheating? Maybe. I did eat a bug after all though :). 

Happy Sunday!