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I know, I know... Christmas is still more than a month away...

But if the radio can play Christmas music already, I am allowed to have Christmas posts, right? :)

So, what's in store today? First, an apology... It has been two weeks with no posts and I guess I could offer a great (made-up) excuse for this. But I cannot. I just had a few very great very busy weeks. The good news is that being busy at work and life does pay off after all! Here is a rare Katya brag-episode for you: my proudest career moment of my life (so far) came courtesy of the 2015 Lantern Awards. My team (well, our website) won the big 2015 award for websites! I was never much of a sucker for awards (which should have helped me be very much chill about this one) but heading to a podium in front of hundreds of spectators and your leadership to accept an award is far more nerve-wracking than anticipated. I have a whole new level of empathy for Jennifer Lawrence. DO NOT TRIP was pretty much the only thing I could think of.

But, enough (bragging) about work (I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF MY TEAM!!!) and onto more appropriate topics for a personal blog...

Oh, hey Christmas! I had forgotten about you (said no Christmas lover ever). This year, Christmas decor takes a bit of a different meaning for me... Mainly because I will be out of the country for most of the holidays. And it just felt like decking out a whole tree for an absentee home owner is rather overdoing it. So what is one to do when they still crave for some festive decor?

Deck out something else, of course! Enter, the ladder-turned-Christmas-tree DIY tutorial! Promise, it's a simple one...

First, start with building your ladder (an even simpler tutorial can be found here). Next? Deck said ladder with as many ornaments as it can safely take. Try to be somewhat intentional with colors/textures/finishes and voila! You got yourself a very neat conversation starter. Most people's reaction is... Hm? A Christmas ladder? And in my mind, I am rather thinking... "You are welcome, world!" The only thing that hadn't been Christmatized before is now officially here! And what's not to cheer about that?? 

Inspiration via Pinterest. Execution via several Tj Maxx shopping sprees. :)

Happy Monday and... so glad to be back! :)

Posted on November 23, 2015 and filed under Design + DIY.