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The Dying Art of Old-School Friendships | Revived

Today I got this absolute masterpiece of a card in the mail. From a friend I absolutely adore. Completely unexpected. And I couldn't help but wonder (what a great line, Carrie Bradshaw) - what happened to the old-fashioned/classy way of saying "I am thinking of you" via actual post? It brings so much unexpected delight, doesn't it? Did we abandon it because it has a certain lack of immediacy? Or, did we boost its charm due to its rarity. Either way, it has such a tremendous power to uplift even the greyest of days. And it makes one realize how a little gesture can mean so much to a treasured friendship. Cheers to you, dear friend! You are spectacular and I hope we're friends until we die. 

Posted on October 21, 2014 and filed under Be Inspired.