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Pins to Inspire: Feb 11 | 14

Celebrate Love Day

A thoughtful and sweet gesture can go so much further than any amount of money spent on a gift for your loved ones. So this Valentine's Day, check out these creative and lovable celebration ideas via Pinterest. Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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Favorite Etsy Finds: Jan 24 | 14

Baby, It's Cold Outside... This Week's Etsy Finds:

  • A handsome card in a non-traditional Valentine's Day color scheme | $5.00
  • A moody print, a perfect match for the cold weather outside | $6.59
  • To continue with the winter theme, a vintage sign reminding it should be cold outside | $40.00
  • An abstract primitive print I would love to hang at home | $50.00
  • One of my favorite smells: the clean aroma of an artisan soap | $5.50
  • A card that gets me thinking of having pop-up invitations for events | $8.00
  • An very unexpected re-design of the good ol' mug - no need for casters here | $78.00
  • But in case you do want to set it on something pretty, these would be just perfect | $25.00
  • A great addition to an office desk for at-a-glance to-do's and other lists | $35.00

Happy Friday!

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Pins to Inspire: Jan 21 | 14

This Week's Inspiration via Pinterest

  • A painting by Kolio Karamfilov, an artist I will always admire and miss greatly.
  • A clock that reminds me how time flies, especially when you are having a great time.
  • A play of accessory staging resulting in an optical illusion I really like.
  • A clever way of designating the appropriate restroom door. 
  • A neutral and easy to work with color palette
  • A picture series of a Weimaraner and his new friend, the Dachshund, that will make you go 'Awww.'
  • Tiny Clark's I cannot wait to buy for my nephew so he can match his aunt.
  • An interesting take on the mobile that seems rather easy to do for a DIY project. 
  • Humorous abstract art for the bedroom -  counting sheep
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Favorite Etsy Finds: Jan 17 | 14

More Inspiration? Yes, Please!

Another favorite online place of mine is Etsy. I started my shop there a few years ago (you can check it out here) and I have both sold and purchased items there ever since. I often resort to Etsy for gifts for close friends and family because these items are handmade (or vintage) and with a subtle (or not so subtle) sense of humor. Every week, I plan to share with you my latest and most favorite finds. Hope you enjoy!

This Week...

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