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We are on the market!

Living room on 1st floor

I cannot believe that we are here already... This home has been so loved and cared for. But it's time to hand it to someone else who will show it the same love and appreciation! 

We are on the market!

(Well, at least as of Monday :)

Living here has been so wonderful, and frankly, it will be hard to say goodbye. But at the very least, I gave this home one last push of loving. We just completed renovating the kitchen (see below!!) and, as you know, we recently re-did our master bathroom. The things you do not see here are the new roof, paint, window trim, power outlets, and so much more. Because we just cared for this place a LOT.

While we were working countless hours downstairs, the upstairs became an oasis away from the craziness. And for a neat freak like myself, looking at our organized closet just made me feel good, haha. Re: the shower curtain... Well, that's just coming with us because I like it way too much. Besides, our realtor believes some people wouldn't like it... (although I cannot imagine how that's possible at all :). 

And there it is! Our future ex-home, all nestled in our quiet cul-de-sac and ready for someone new to take care of. 

Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking private yard and gated common area

Now, back to packing :)

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On Instagram...

Welcome, welcome!! We have just enough time for a quick re-cap of the week... (John Oliver, we miss you. When do you get back on air??). Let's start with the important announcements. This week, this blogger starts her new job... also known as, Katya's new and improved career, 2.0! In seven words, I landed my dream job rather unexpectedly. In a few more words, as all things wonderful, this opportunity come around in a rather unplanned and uncalled-for manner! But more words on that interesting story shall come some other time.  

Meanwhile... Also this week, as a last hooray before meaning real business, we took another incredible trip to DC! This city doesn't cease to amaze. I have a feeling that having the best tour guide in the world helps though... Either way, it is beautiful out there! Which brings us to the main story of the week...

A new Instagram approach! Or simply put, allowing two distinct and rarely overlapping passions to grow and become their own thing! So without further adieu... Make sure to check out:





Traveling and design. Each now belonging to its rightful world, topic of interest and audience! Such a little definition change yet so exciting to announce! And it has already been a bit addicting... the ideas keep on coming and I can hardly contain them all! 

So what prompted the change? Well, it was becoming rather obvious that the original Kaya Instagram account was turning into a travel diary. No complaints here... None. At all! But that also made the few interior design shots I dared to share really seem out of place. And, after the (very) kind and generous encouragement of friends and family, a new avenue to share design ideas was born! 

So... I hope you check it out!! Content will be featured (as it is with this blog :), as often as humanly possible! Well, as often as possible for this human :).

And now that we have covered all things important, we are moving onto some other fascinating to-do's for an average Wednesday... Such as selecting medical and retirement plans :). Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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Introducing the bookbook!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I have long been a huge IKEA fan - their groundbreaking furniture design combined with their global logistics have defined at least two generations of budget-conscious design aficionados. Today, they wowed me on yet another level - clever marketing. Just another reason to love IKEA (my other reasons include: chocolate almond cake, KARLSTAD couches, and the coolest napkins on the market)! 

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Travel Diaries | Having Fun with Packing

And You Say... "What?"

Who has fun packing, right? Well, I travel quite a lot for work and I have finally conquered the dread of getting ready by finding joy in the never-ending struggle to fit it all in my carry-on. And if you think about it, the challenge can be so much fun. 

Pictured above is what I will actually be bringing to an upcoming trip to Dallas. I tend to keep it simple and have everything in the same color combination so that I can recycle the shoes, pants and jacket. Three different outfits, eleven articles altogether! 

And given how much fun I had putting these outfits together and taking their pictures, I would not be surprised if I kept doing it for all my upcoming trips! Like I said, fun indeed!

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Favorite Etsy Finds: Feb 25 | 14

The Beauty of Simplicity 

This week's Etsy finds come as a reminder how simple design can bring so much beauty to everyday life. 

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Favorite Etsy Finds: Jan 17 | 14

More Inspiration? Yes, Please!

Another favorite online place of mine is Etsy. I started my shop there a few years ago (you can check it out here) and I have both sold and purchased items there ever since. I often resort to Etsy for gifts for close friends and family because these items are handmade (or vintage) and with a subtle (or not so subtle) sense of humor. Every week, I plan to share with you my latest and most favorite finds. Hope you enjoy!

This Week...

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