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It's Fall (Y'all?)

Even if it is a toasty 84Β°F (29Β°C) outside!

Yet, despite this warm weather and my general lack of love for seasonal decor, I thought these beauties were hard to resist! Trader Joe's has stocked a lovely collection of fall bouquets right now for a fairly reasonable price. Yet, one bouquet usually runs a good $9.99 with hardly enough flowers to make one vase look full.

So, I have learned a trick - don't go for the pre-assembled bouquets but rather, go for the "filler" flowers and make your own bouquet. Today, I got a bunch of Cattail, Safari Sunset, and Mums for the total price of $12.99 and got myself three vases instead of one! And now, my living room has officially caught up to the proper season!  Happy Sunday!

Posted on October 12, 2014 and filed under Design + DIY.