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Spicing Up a Dull Office | Update

The Struggle Continues

Slowly but steadily, I have been adding little touches to the office project and I wanted to share the progress so far! You will probably notice it isn't much. But it is a very solid start! I added pictures of the things that are dearest to my heart (and got a chance to play around with selecting the frames - more on that later!). I also took an opportunity to do some team bonding via an improvised photo session with a VERY important go-live date plastered on our custom t-shirts. And finally, I added some good books I recently finished and found relevant to my line of work. 

Now, more on those frames - I love how they turned out! I will probably add some more over time because I have very key people still missing. And I say over time because I was surprised at how hard it was to find frames I liked for a reasonable price. These took a good two weeks worth of visiting every Marshall's and TJ Maxx in my area on an every-other-day basis to select (which makes me wonder - am I too picky or are good frames just hard to come by?). 

The final four that made it so far I am very happy with. The color palette was an inspiration from the Birthday surprise decor I got from my team (via teal balloons and banners) and all I did was pick frames that had different textures and patterns to make them work together!

Things left to do still?

  • Show you the already purchased and installed arc lamp over my table
  • Install and photograph the art piece I completed a few months ago that will go on a wall crowded by some unwanted bookshelves right now. 

More updates coming soon!

Posted on July 25, 2014 and filed under Design + DIY.