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DIY Mugs


Porcelain Mugs: $2.99 EA

Sharpie: $1.99 EA


Pin Ideas for Design

Grab a Sharpie

Draw on Mug

Bake @350 for 30 Min


A few weeks back, I mentioned I was planning on going down the DIY route for the majority of the gifts I will be giving to my family. We had given ourselves the creative limit of $10 per person per gift. I knew that meant I will had to get crafty. What I didn't realize was how much fun this project would be! If you ever get a chance to try it, I would highly recommend it! It was much easier than I ever thought. All you need is some plain porcelain mugs and a Sharpie! At first, I tried drawing with a porcelain pen but I quickly switched to a Sharpie since the porcelain pen turned out to be too runny for my liking. I also used a touch of silver (also a Sharpie) so adding some red or another fun color might work really well. Happy crafting!!

Posted on December 26, 2013 and filed under Design + DIY.

Last Minute Guy Gifting

Are you running out of ideas for your guy (dad/brother/boyfriend/husband) this Christmas? CB2 just announced a Free Shipping deal on their website and here is a roundup of their great guy gifts (that are also ALL on sale!). 

Strike Wooden Pins: $96.75

Who wouldn't love these? (I am not a guy and I think I want them too!) Honed smooth of recycled saal wood, 10 bowling pins and two balls take shape in a gallery of varying grain, tones and markings that make each unique. Mount on the wall in contrasting sustainable wood frame stained a rich walnut, or set up and go for a strike. 

Clock + Press Coffee Maker: $37.46 + $32.96

Make sure your guy is always refreshed and on time (who could ask for a better combination?) Gift just one and it doesn't have the same effect, does it? You may giggle just a little inside when you gift this too. Subtle and cute all at the same time!

Reclaimed Wood 6-Pack Holder: $29.96 + $...

The CB2 version doesn't come filled with beer bottles but what better way to show your man/men that you know their beer taste? Pick up a selection of their favorite beers and voila. I think you will get extra brownie points for this one!

I have always thought that buying for guys is tough... But this exercise was so much fun! I hope you are having a great time buying for dad/brother/boyfriend/husband this Christmas!!

Posted on December 19, 2013 .

The Art of Gifting on a Budget

DIY Gift Guide 3.gif

The older I get, the more I appreciate the value of thoughtful gifts. What makes me even more giddy with excitement is when a gift was a handmade item created with me in mind! This year, I am challenging myself (as well as my family):  

To Gift on a DIY Budget!

Our budget limit is $10 a person (insane, right?!) The tight budget, however, has encouraged all of us to get very creative! Here are some ideas I have been toying around with.

For the bowls, I was imagining purchasing some of these bowls and using white spray paint I already own for the dipped effect, totaling at $3.95 a piece.

When it comes to the mugs, I plan to find some basic white porcelain mugs from Marshalls or TJ Maxx for less than $3 a piece. I already bought this porcelain sharpie to create the designs I like, making each gift cost less than $5. 

The infinity scarf would require some basic knitting skills but the DIY featured here is very helpful and thorough in helping complete the project. I am thinking about adding some sparkle with rhinestones? 

The minimalist painting is the perfect opportunity to spell out my love and appreciation for my family: all the things that are sometimes easier to write than say.

Dipped leather feather necklace (phew, that was long): I was unable to find an actual tutorial for it but I think it would be a pretty straight-forward project: purchase pieces of leather from the local craft store, do a simple stitch, cut the shape and paint with some liquid gold... 

Test tube mocha is an almost definite yes in my mind - it just seems so much fun. I am not sure if I will go all the way with the printout labels but I think some handmade ones are in store for me.

Do you have any DIY gifts in mind for the holidays?

Posted on December 2, 2013 and filed under Design + DIY.