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Travel Diaries | A Close Encounter of the Best Kind

Dolphins are charmingly naughty.

My mom always mused over the fact that dolphins have the natural predisposition to look like they are smiling and happy all the time (sometimes I wish I had the same talent!). I am so thankful to have met one in person in the paradise-perfect turquoise waters of Roatan. So let me tell you this...

Do not be fooled. As it turns out, they can be quite naughty (or as their trainers would lovingly say, playful). They tend to chase each other in between very (very) tight spaces (ahem, people) and are rather choosy as to when they listen to their trainers (ahem, when there is food reward involved). And with their impressively large bodies of 6-9 feet long, incredible intelligence and impeccable maneuverability in water, one is left in complete awe and with a pinch of fear for their lives. 

On the other hand, touching a dolphin is a remarkable sensation that I cannot compare to any other. As humans, we shed our skin in its entirety over the period of about 7 years... dolphins go through this process in a mere 2 hours! Which leaves them with the softest and most velvety skin one could imagine. 

And above you can see me crossing off one more thing from my bucket list.. Only 235,632,599 left!!

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Travel Diaries | Roatan, Honduras

Honduras is beautiful.

Everything you would expect from the Caribbean: lovely sandy beaches, gorgeous sunsets, kind and genuine people. For the short four days spent there, I was able to enjoy zip-lining (the forward, backward and upside-down varieties), snorkeling (with some amazingly colorful fish whose names I will probably never learn), dolphin encounters (with two rather naughty dolphin sisters), and hiking (on the steep hills of Roatan where you get the calf workout of the stars). But this trip meant so much more. 

I have always been a great follower. The baby in the family. The adaptable survivor who is able to blend right in with the circumstances, the country, the relationship. Almost chameleon-like. But with old(er) age, a few grey hairs and some smiling lines, something far more valuable came along - the acquired confidence to start carving my own path without the comfort of following in someone else's footsteps.

Honduras was a symbolic trip for me. I had dreamed of visiting the Caribbean most of my life. And I somehow always imagined someone would take me there while I comfortably followed. But a little while ago I had an epiphany - I can be my own path-carver and make my own dreams come true (as Incubus put it so nicely, I was ready to take the wheel and drive...). And that I did (while also dragging my oh-too-willing significant other with me :). And this newly found freedom is far more empowering/intoxicating than I ever imagined! Wonder where it will take me next? 

Happy almost Friday, everyone!

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