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We are on the market!

Living room on 1st floor

I cannot believe that we are here already... This home has been so loved and cared for. But it's time to hand it to someone else who will show it the same love and appreciation! 

We are on the market!

(Well, at least as of Monday :)

Living here has been so wonderful, and frankly, it will be hard to say goodbye. But at the very least, I gave this home one last push of loving. We just completed renovating the kitchen (see below!!) and, as you know, we recently re-did our master bathroom. The things you do not see here are the new roof, paint, window trim, power outlets, and so much more. Because we just cared for this place a LOT.

While we were working countless hours downstairs, the upstairs became an oasis away from the craziness. And for a neat freak like myself, looking at our organized closet just made me feel good, haha. Re: the shower curtain... Well, that's just coming with us because I like it way too much. Besides, our realtor believes some people wouldn't like it... (although I cannot imagine how that's possible at all :). 

And there it is! Our future ex-home, all nestled in our quiet cul-de-sac and ready for someone new to take care of. 

Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking private yard and gated common area

Now, back to packing :)

Posted on July 21, 2017 and filed under Design + DIY.