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Houston at Dusk | Hermann Park's Japanese Gardens

Spontaneous Garden Visits Are Sweet

I have wanted to visit the Japanese Gardens at Hermann Park for years. And I truly mean years. Yet their challenging hours of operation are rather hard to work with (5PM... really?). Yesterday, I got lucky! With the garden's gates being questionably and invitingly wide open after 6PM, my accomplice and I were able to sneak right in. Daylight was quickly dwindling though and my first attempts at fighting the natural environment and overcompensating via digital camera trickery fell rather flat. So I had a revelation - why fight it? Instead, use it! I am not very good at dusk photography but I saw an opportunity for learning. Here are the first attempts... (with one fabulous action shot as well). 

On a side note, the gardens are just as beautiful as I imagined. I hope to be able to be back and spend some more quality time there very soon. And possibly take some full daylight shots of it while at it. :)

Posted on October 31, 2014 and filed under Travel Diaries.