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So I Got this Idea...

Have you struggled with wanting a few necklaces (especially with the current layering trend) but having to go broke to afford it? A typical "dainty" necklace would run a good $24.99 or more and if you want to layer 3? Well, you have yourself a price tag of $75.00 or more and you are stuck with having three necklaces that are just that - three necklaces. So I thought - there has to be a more versatile way of enjoying different designs made of pieces you can mix and match to go with whatever outfit you need for the day.

And here is the little magnet system I came up with that will give us all a way of customizing our jewelry on a daily basis...

Introducing: the Lodestone Jewelry System

The magnets are exceptionally strong and you can see them in action below:

Why I love the Lodestone Jewelry System:

  • I can interchange the middle piece with all kinds of designs 
  • I can double or triple the length of any necklace by combining two or more chains 
  • I can easily switch from necklace to bracelet and vice versa
  • I have an unlimited amount of design options I can add on for a fraction of the price of a new necklace

Do you like this idea?

I will be publishing my first collection of the Lodestone Jewelry System in the next two weeks on Etsy and sharing with you. From there? Who knows. Either way, I know I am already a fan!