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I just can't seem to stand still...

I recently learned that there are a few positive things that happen when your doctor tells you to stop pretty much any activity (and especially running and tennis) for 6-8 weeks. First, you get a chance to perfect your crow pose (I am on week two of almost daily hot yoga workouts and I have to admit I am starting to really like it). And second, you get more free time than you have ever had to spend on home projects!

Today, I wanted to catch you up on the latter (I also think yoga deserves its very own post because it has had quite the positive impact on my wellbeing and you deserve to know all about it!). 

Without further adieu, let's dive into number 1: freshly added patio lighting! (installation was courtesy of my incredible friends Matt and Britney who had a thousand other better things to do on a Wednesday night but instead, they were hanging these with me for three hours!). 

I had been planning on installing lights on my patio ever since I got rid of my ooooold awning above the dining room. What pulled the trigger this time around was Britney (same friend from installation fame) spotting these guys at Costco. Three light strings, a few installation hiccups, and a remote control later, my patio now looks like a French cafe at night. LOVE the results! And, it's finally cool outside and I get to enjoy it!

2: mulch. My flower beds were needy. Mostly needy for water but also for some rich color that would contrast the freshly planted blue succulents. Today saw the addition of 2 full bags of brown mulch (well, soon-to-be three because two is apparently not enough): 

3. more (stylish) comfortable seating! Not so much because I needed it but because I came across this Acapulco-style chair for a mere $60. And goodness, it is so comfortable:

4: and speaking of succulents, I have added a ton of new ones... I decided that if I want to have a pretty yard, planters is the way to go. It's a mere function of having  a crazy (sweet) dog chasing lizards he knows he can't catch all day long:

And, last but not least, since it's October already, I have added some 5. much-needed splashes of Halloween decor. Come to think of it, needed is perhaps not the right word. Rather, it is wanted. Because this blogger will be throwing her very first official Halloween party and she cannot be more excited or terrified (pun intended) of the outcomes! 

And all of this without (technically) violating my doctor's orders! I call this one success of a week. Now, T-4 weeks to go... I wonder what "trouble" I'll get into next!

Happy Sunday!

Posted on October 4, 2015 and filed under Design + DIY.

Clean slate no more: Chewie's new stomping grounds!

Right on time for this great Houston weather, I am happy to announce that the patio is finally (almost) done! Despite this being its version 3.0 (or maybe 4.0? I have lost count already), it still feels like it is brand new! So let's dig in... 

First off, why? Well, you may recall that I recently uncovered my wonderfully-looking pavers hiding under a ton of dirt and who knows what else... Which, unexpectedly, proved to be quite the inspiration. I do not often undertake re-design projects without planning a good few months/years in advance (talking about you, dear kitchen, that are still waiting patiently in the project queue!). But this was a different story. It just felt like it was time to invest in something a bit nicer and more durable. And that I did! Here was my project purchase list:

Beautiful, durable and comfortable seating, the key component to any successful and functional space. That took a lot of research, mostly due to my obnoxiously frugal spending habits. And... I am proud to say that this deal will be remembered as one of my most undervalued purchases ever! Not only did I get the last available set, but I was also able to snatch it up for a mere $409 (notice it's already a good $200 more??)! Add to that (or rather don't), no tax or shipping. Yup, you read that right!

But wait, there's more...

Fun accent chair, tables, and accessories, or what gives any space its character. I got lucky there too... A local store that is part of the At Home franchise (previously known as Garden Ridge) is currently going out of business. Or, in other words, everything in the store is 40-70% off. That is off of their already very affordable prices! I was able to knock out everything on my accessories list right there: pillows, accent chair and two ceramic side tables. All of this for less than $150. Just one such table can cost you more than that! Instead, I scored two of these for $35 each!

Last but not least, some shade. Houston gets a "bit" sunny in the summer. Which makes for a great incentive to invest in an umbrella. Preferably, one that looks good too :). The image below shows exactly how HUGE this umbrella was when it arrived. And that sadly did not even include the base. Which, on purpose, weighs more than 100lbs. Multiple groans, bruises and failed attempts later, I was actually able to roll it into place and set everything up. Shade really never looked or felt this good before. Promise.             

I still have a few things that I would like to add to this patio. On top of my list are these string lights that just seem too perfect to pass up. But yeah, you could say both Chewie and I are very happy about this new arrangement :). 

Posted on August 31, 2015 and filed under Design + DIY.