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Shop the Sale: Feb 6 | 14

West Elm is a favorite place to shop for a lot of my friends and family (and me) and for a good reason. They offer exquisitely curated on-trend design, be it mid-century modern or rustic. Usually, they are slightly out of my price range. Today though, they announced their latest markdowns and I found these to be some of my favorite pieces for a great price.

Posted on February 6, 2014 .

Shop the Sale: Madewell


It was not too long ago when I discovered the brand Madewell. I found them after randomly wandering into their store during a shopping trip to my favorite Banana Republic (BR had additional 40% off on their sale items that day after all). At first, I had a bit of a sticker shock. But, as usual, I pushed through to find their clearance section. There, I was pleasantly surprised by their additional 40% off of their sale items! Every so often, they will have this deal and today is one of those days (both in-store and online).

Shop the Sale!

Here are my favorite finds from their current sale on their website:

When I shop at Madewell, I typically search for

  • Bags (I purchased this one a while back and I couldn't be happier with its quality and versatility) 
  • Jeans (they have great skinny cuts)
  • Silk Tops (my summer favorites)
  • Sweaters (great wool and cashmere fabrics), and
  • Dresses (cute and flattering) 
Posted on January 9, 2014 .

Series | Shop the Sale

Sale Prices

  1. Striped Sweater: $20.00
  2. Blouse: $22.50
  3. Polka Dot Sweater: $22.50
  4. Jacket: $44.50
  5. Jewel Sweater: $22.50
  6. Trench: $44.95
  7. Light Jeans: $27.50
  8. Straight Jeans: $37.50
  9. Dark Jeans: $27.50


Shop the Sale!

LOFT is offering an additional 50% off of their already reduced merchandise! Above is a selection of my favorites! 

The reason why I love shopping at LOFT, especially in the Fall/Winter season is their fabrics. Take the striped sweater, for example. At 55% Cotton, 40% Viscose and 5% Wool, I promise you, you will be comfortable.

I have noticed, however, that tall ladies like myself usually stay away from LOFT unless they shop in the Tall section (which never seems to be available in the malls in my vicinity). I stand pretty tall (at a good 5'8") and I typically have a hard time finding the right cut there. So I use a few tricks. When it comes to sweaters, I usually trade a size or two up. I am usually a size small and at LOFT, you would not catch me in anything smaller than a size medium. When it comes to bottoms, I recently purchased the light jean wash featured here in size Regular and I absolutely love them. I just treat them as ankle cut rather than the regular cut. 

Feeling inspired for a quick trip to the mall?

Posted on November 22, 2013 .